2014-2015 Firebirds Tryouts

Tryouts will be held August 4-5 (with a rainout date of August 7). Tryouts will be at Jacobs Northeast Park in East Moline, IL. They’ll be held on the back diamonds beginning at 5:30 PM. Listed below are the Firebirds coaches and their contact information.

Firebirds 06 10u Manager Scott Hemm 309-798-1290

Firebirds 05 10u Manager Aaron Howell 563-505-5072

Firebirds 04 10u Manager Jeremy Stohl 563-528-1714 

Firebirds 03 12u Manager Chuck Park 309-235-5738

Firebirds 02 12u Manager Pat Lershon 309-236-7543

Firebirds 01 White 14u Manager Jim Bowers 309-737-0267

Firebirds 01 14u Manager Tom Hill 309-236-1424 Private Tryouts

Firebirds USA 00 14u Manager Rich La Fountaine 309-235-1443

Firebirds 98 16u Manager Dana Dekeyrel 309-791-7448

Firebirds 97 18u Manager Kirk Amador 309-269-4194

Firebirds 96 18u Manager Steve Osborne 309-854-2788

2014 Battle on the Bases

Thank you to everyone for participating in the 2014 Battle on the Bases. It was a great weekend with great weather, and we hope that you all enjoyed your time at the Milt Hand Softball Complex.

Congratulations to our 2014 Champions:

10U – Sterling Steam
12U – QC Firebirds ’01
14U – QC Firebirds ’99 Red
16U – Dreamers Illusion
18U – QC Firebirds ’95